the Gifts of Clairvoyance, Ministry and Healing

Reiki Sessions & Instruction
Reiki is an ancient cross-cultural healing practice of ‘laying on of hands’.
Reiki relieves pain and helps one to heal. This non intrusive healing energy stimulates the body’s natural healing ability helping to release physical mental and emotional blockages and bringing harmony to the body, mind and spirit.

Private Reiki Sessions
Come and experience being in the center of Betty Anna’s universe.

Reiki Instruction
This revitalizing class is for those interested in developing their ability to help others heal in body/mind/spirit, and learn the principles and aspects of Reiki healing.

There are three levels of Reiki Attunements:

Reiki I receive 10% of the Reiki energy,
Reiki II receive 90% including long distance healing and Reiki symbols,
Reiki III become a Reiki Master Practitioner with 100% of the Reiki energy.
Reiki Master Teacher: Initiate and instruct.
Reiki Circles for teaching and sharing.