the Gifts of Clairvoyance, Ministry and Healing

My heart sings with the teachings of Native American Spirituality.
It teaches me daily to ‘walk the talk’ as a human on our Mother Earth.

Native American Ceremony
The Native American ritual and ceremony that I practice is the Red Road, which teaches that we are responsible for the seventh generation. No one is to blame for the choices that we make except ourselves. It is not what we have, it is what we do for the world. Every day we give thanks for a new day of life and every evening we give thanks for this day we have enjoyed and the lessons that we learned. The impressions we leave behind when we die is how are we remembered. We always end our prayers with “today is a good day to die.”

Sacred Pipe Ceremony

As my teacher, Night Bird Woman, says: “it connects you to your honored ancestors and helps you walk your walk and talk your talk.” My Pipe was gifted to me by Night Bird Woman and her husband Bear Stands Strong carved it for me.

Sunrise Ceremony 

We begin the day with tobacco prayer to honor the masculine energy of God the Father.

Cornmeal Night Ceremony

We end the day with cornmeal prayer to honor the feminine energy of the Mother Goddess.

Full Moon Ceremony

This is an ancient ceremony, approximately 40,000 years old, passed down by Elders through the centuries to those that have been called to it; honoring the Sacred Feminine.