the Gifts of Clairvoyance, Ministry and Healing


"Dear Betty Anna, Thank you for your gifts of ministry and Reiki. I now believe all things are in Divine order and I thank you for your gentle and patient instruction of this incredible gift of knowledge. I love being a Reiki practicioner. Thank you for attuning me and helping me to feel God's love in my hands. I love being able to Reiki myself and others."

Jeanette Gavroy, MA

.“Just a note to send my love and thanks that God sent to me such a beautiful spiritual and valued spirit as yours, and to say thank you for all the compassion and wisdom you have given me.” 

Rose, Lakewood, NJ

“I must tell you that was a spectacular set of readings. As I have never had anything like that I am eager to return. Thank you so much.”

Larry & Barbara, Philadelphia, PA

“Thank God for my having met you and your helping me to believe in God & the animals of this world with so much affection. God bless you.”

Jane, Chicago, IL

“Tom & I thank you for not just bringing us together but enriching our lives by you & Tonino bringing us into your hearts.”

 Pam One Feather, Seminole, FL

“I have known Betty Anna for years and I look forward to every opportunity that I have of getting a reading from her. She is extremely intuitive. If you have family, physical, emotional and spiritual issues, she is the one who receives great advice through her spirit guides. If you have not spent any time with her, you need to experience it.”

Jack and Yolanda, Clearwater, Fl

“Betty Anna has been in my life and my thoughts for many years. This past summer, I joined Betty Anna’s Reiki circle. What an amazing experience this has been!  She brings to the table much gentle love and peace.”

Linda, Tuxedo, NY

“I began Reiki with Betty Anna over the Summer and since then have had amazing results.  After just one session with her my mind was clear and more positive and my body felt like I wanted to run a mile! I had lots of energy and felt over all happiness.” 

Dana, Cranford, NJ

“I was lucky enough to be able to have a Reiki session with you just a few months past my 2nd major surgery. I was totally amazed at how many issues you were able to help go away or balance out in just a 30 minutes treatment. The difference in pain reduction was pretty big for a few weeks. Thank you.”

 Shelly, Gulfport, FL

“ My daughter Tara came to you for a reading, you gave her a message for me from my mother who is deceased. My mother said to tell me “I am happy and well.  I will send you proof of this.  You will receive/see white flowers.”  This was in the winter.  Where would I see white flowers? Well, a friend came to visit me and she brought me a bouquet of White Flowers!! I now know that my mother is alive and well on the other side thanks to Rev. Betty Anna’s gift. “

Bernadette B.  Chatham NJ